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Sons of Joseph Men's Night of Devotion

The Sons of Joseph Men's Night of Devotion is a night oriented towards prayer and conversion for Catholic men. It happens once a month in the evening of the 1st Wednesday of the month, which catholics have traditionally dedicated to St. Joseph.

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On this frist Wednesday devotion 3 things are made available for Catholic men to participate in: The Rosary, Confession, & Mass.

There are also 3 things that are asked of the men that attend this evening of devotion. We ask that they participate as much as possible in this evening of prayer with each other. We ask that they perform some type of fast of their choosing during the day. Finally we ask them to give alms during the collection at the mass to provide a stipend for the priests that serve us. Any remaining funds will be given in full to the needy.

The Rosary, confession, mass, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving form a solid foundation for the building of a deeper spiritual life. Through these the members of the Sons of Joseph can recharge their spiritual batteries once a month.


If you are interested in starting a Sons of Joseph chapter in your area, click here, to find out what is expected and what evagelization materials we have to help you.


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You can register to receive monthly reminders to remember when the 1st Wednesday is coming up. Its hard to keep track sometimes without this "alarm clock." From time to time you may also receive other inormation that we think would be desired and helpful to your journey. Click here to register.

If you already attended a Sons of Joseph evening of devotion and filled out an information sheet with the option of being signed up to this e-mail list, then you need not re-register. Your chapter leader will, or already has, registered you.

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